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Kerala GPS Telematics Software – A VoxTrail Whitelabelled Tool

28 DEC, 2018

KERALA GPS TELEMATICS has embarked its territory in Southern region with the help of VoxTrail Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. - a niche brand catalyst in the domain of GPS expertise. KERALA GPS TELEMATICS has inculcated a superior featured Kerala GPS Telematics Software to monitor, explore, and track & trace the movement of vehicles, fleets or layman through its perceive functionalities.
Instant & automatic GPS tracking Software has long become a new norm. Kerala GPS Telematics Software is a sophisticated tool for tracking or monitoring. The software is reliable, easy-to-use & mechanical. And the unbiased all types of Whos, Wheres, & Whens are logged automatically to offer an uncompromised data from the Kerala GPS Telematics Software. Fleet managers are able to view the up-to-date situation and check the data for past 30 days, define the liable person & action type with just one click. It is just like a surveillance control.

Moreover, there are many other benefits that you gain from Renowned VoxTrail Whitelabelling Software Solution

  • Real-time information – Kerala GPS Telematics Software is incorporated with Kerala GPS Mobile App which gives users a full control over the real-time information via live tracking, current positing of vehicles, mapping, & actual live locations that are fetching along with their address.

  • Remote Controlling – Kerala GPS Telematics Software assists in controlling your fleets remotely from anytime and anywhere. Offering the users with foremost remote controlling features assists them to cut-off the ignition during any kind of theft activity related with their vehicles.

  • Fuel Monitoring – With the Kerala GPS Telematics Software you can collect & examine the fuel level in their vehicles or fleets. Each trip’s fuel consumption levels date wise, optimal level, along with their graphics which can be simply monitored by the Kerala GPS Telematics Software & Kerala GPS Mobile App.

  • Geo-Fencing – Kerala GPS Telematics Software helps you in creating the geo-fence zone alerts with real-time information fetching. Moreover, through Kerala GPS Telematics Software between two or more geo-fencing zones you can calculate the fuel consumption rates, fuel costs incurred, & Vehicle status.

  • Temperature Solutions – This feature helps in upholding a most favorable level of temperature in contents, materials such as food compliances & cargos. Integral with numerous temperature monitoring zones, anti-theft, and anti - spoilage features Kerala GPS Telematics Software makes your fleets or vehicles technical with less operational price tag.

  • Activity and Event Synchronization – Highly developed characteristics of the Kerala GPS Telematics Software assists in examine the diverse activities throughout the trip such as over speeding, harsh braking, harsh acceleration, diversions, etc together with the trip history & playback features.

  • User Customization – Kerala GPS Telematics Software users can deal out & control their vehicles or assets on the software as according to their priorities and requirements. If device have camera installed in it, consumer can share & capture some photographs from Kerala GPS Telematics Software.

  • Graphical Reports – Users with Kerala GPS Telematics Software can now obtain the graphical & diagrammatical illustration of the entire fleets in terms of the vehicle status such as parked, running, offline, & total with speed, time, distance numerals, driven duration, & driver behaviors.

KERALA GPS TELEMATICS rely on VoxTrail Software Solution which is the brand new name in the industry of GPS tracking. Kerala GPS Telematics Software is a whitelabelled creation of VoxTrail Software Solutions and KERALA GPS TELEMATICS highly suggest all the GPS vendors to use VoxTrail Whitelableing Solution ones.