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Kerala GPS Mobile App

24 DEC, 2018

KERALA GPS TELEMATICS binds to serve the GPS market with huge portfolio of GPS Tracking devices. Ranging from the price slabs, KERALA GPS TELEMATICS has embarked a first-rate market distribute. Even though we have enriched our worthy clientele via the expertise from GPS niche VoxTrail Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Our credits for a high-quality market imprison goes to the VoxTrail Whitelabelling Solutions in terms of their hi-tech Kerala GPS Mobile App.
VoxTrail Software Solutions offers an extensive sort of superiority GPS devices & services to via its advanced, updated, and enriching solutions. KERALA GPS TELEMETICS want to give the market & our clients the preeminent and excellence services related to GPS tools. And to this, we got a solution in the form of Kerala GPS Mobile App. With its worthy and intuitive features and new design plus sophisticated functionalities, Kerala GPS Mobile App design has got much novelty in the powerful domain of GPS.

For relying on Kerala GPS Mobile App take a glimpse at intuitive features of Mobile App, such as –

  • Instant zone alerts enabling prompt geo-fencing with notifications and alerts
  • Real-time view & live route mapping
  • Activity log helps to determine the driver activity like over speeding, harsh acceleration, harsh braking, overtaking etc.
  • Graphical and diagrammatical representation of vehicle’s current positing whether online, offline, running or idle helps the users to analyze the progress reports of the vehicle or driver
  • Live map route helps in defining the complete details of the vehicle and the GPS Tracker installed in it along with the defined values of speed, distance traveled, time covered, Kilometers, history, object sharing and driver behavior patterns
  • Keep a regular check on the fuel consumption levels
  • An easy access to the history of trips, playback along with the activities happened in the route can be monitored easily through Kerala GPS Mobile App.
  • Sharing of objects and cloning of app is also an inbuilt embedded feature in Kerala GPS Mobile App that helps the user to remain connected with the client or another person 24X7 via live sharing of objects.
  • Kerala GPS Mobile App help center provides 24/7 assistance to the users with live chatting and assistance protocol anytime anywhere.

If you really desire to spy on a GPS tool & that tool in the most excellent manner, then you will definitely need something like Kerala GPS Mobile App to support your vehicles and safeguard your dear ones. Applications like Kerala GPS Mobile App stand as the hi-tech GPS tool among the existing GPS competitors. KERALA GPS TELEMATICS definitely suggests the use of VoxTrail Software Solutions Pvt Ltd.