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KERALA GPS System B2B Platform – AASMA

22 DEC, 2018

KERALA GPS TELEMATICS are known as the superior players of the GPS Industry. Serving numerous clienteles in the northern area, KERALA GPS TELEMATICS intended itself a superior brand in the domain of GPS among the diverse dealers & distributors. The progression story of KERALA GPS TELEMATICS is ongoing with the helping hand relationship with VoxTrail Software Solution Pvt. Ltd. under its powerful B2B Aasma Platform.
VoxTrail Software Solutions is an Indian company which offers “MADE IN INDIA” GPS Tracking Devices. Moreover, the firm – VoxTrail Software Solutions recently arises with all innovative technology oriented project recognized as VoxTrail B2B Platform – Aasma. Under this powerful platform, VoxTrail supports thousands of dealers and associates at a PAN India level which will associated with each other on a big picture which finally represent their region, services, products, and their capacity. The foremost aim of VoxTrail B2B Platform – Aasma is to create a superior excellence network among vivacious players of the industry of GPS and focus on –

  • Expand the sales & embark the presence of your firm at a National Level
  • Assign the Marketing support system for branding of associates
  • Reduce the services, maintenance, & repair costs
  • Increase the proceeds by expanding the customer funnel
  • Resource sharing at a minimal cost and time
  • Eliminate the pain points involved among the dealers & distributors for further expansion.
  • Broadcast the quality opportunities across the nationwide.

Tired of being paying huge amount of annual subscription for the basic track &trace software? VoxTrail Software Solutions completely understand your pain points. Well, the understanding does not always works. Therefore, VoxTrail Software Solutions offer its associate with a perquisite package that too free of cost namely:-

  • Lead Management System Tool
  • CRM Software
  • App White Labeling

Generally speaking, we thoroughly recommend, VoxTrail Software Solutions and particularly VoxTrail – Aasma B2B Platform for merging & collaborating energetic players of GPS Industry under one roof with obvious & flaxen technology or expertise. Thus, be an associate member of VoxTrail Software Solutions and bring a dynamics in your trade.